Bus letter-September 2017

Dear Parent.

*Every great commanding movement in the annals of the “world is the triumph of enthusiasm”-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Note we do not print the statements any more due to high copy costs.


*Route co-ordinator:

Mr. Hennie Naude-083378 3937-henniesully@gmail.com

*Bus Logistics Manager

Mr. Gerrie Germishuys-082 749 9501


Drivers and the schools they collect from

Hennie Naude.

Roodekrans Laer(morning), Yeshau Akademie(morning), Ridgevale Primary(morning),

Jatine(afternoon), Curro(afternoon),

Kobus Smal

Curro(mornings), Jatine(morning), Culembeeck(afternoon), Lantern(afternoon),Princess Primary(afternoon), Dr Havenga(afternoon), Roodebeck(afternoon), Bastion(afternoon), Millenium primary(morning), Adelaar(afternoon)

Jan Du Plessis

Mulderdrift(afternoon), Constantia Kloof(afternoon), Lantern(afternoon), Learnwrite(afternoon), Roodekrans Laer(afternoon),Florida Laerskool

Louis Fritz

Horizon View(morning), Lantern(morning), Culembeeck(morning), KHS(afternoons),  Maragon primary(afternoon), King’s School primary(afternoon)

Sally Naude

Trinity School(afternoon), Maragon School(afternoon), King’s School(afternoon),

Eagle School(afternoon), Discovery Primary(morning), Lantern(morning), Roodepark(morning), La Salle(morning), Curro Wilgeheuwel(afternoon), Kingfisher(mornings)

Andries v. Zyl

Lantern(morning & afternoon), Roodebeeck Primary(morning), Ridgevale(afternoon), Roodekrans Laer(afternoon), Joshau Akademie(afternoon)

Werner Schoeman

Maragon(morning), Trinity House(morning), Curro Wilgeheuwel(morning), King’s school(morning), Eagle House(morning), Discovery(afternoon), Roodepark(afternoon),

Lantern(agternoon), Roodepoort Hoerskool(afternoon), Monument Primary(afternoon), Millenium primary(afternoon),

Peet Viljoen

Ridgevale(morning), KHS(morning), Joshau Naude(afternoon), Horizon View(afternoon), Roodepoort Hoerskool(afternoon), La Salle(afternoon),


*Bus driver of the Month-Werner Schoeman

Thank you for going the extra mile for always going to the shops collecting rolls,delivering sandwiches to N.G.Wilgespruit outreach on Wednesdays.He ensures the bus is always clean and the children are collected on time.


Message from the Bus Drivers

*All extra mural activities must be communicated AT THE BEGINNING OF EACH SCHOOL TERM and no later than 9h00 via email to henniesully@gmail.com

Please communicate by 6h00 to the driver directly in the event that your child is not attending school. If he/she is ill or will be fetched by a family member and the transport is not needed.



*No exam rosters no transport will be provided

The routes is already worked out at 10h00 in the morning for the next day that the driver know who he mst pick up and who not to pick up the next morning for school.

*Remember that if your child falls ill to contact Mr. Gerrie Germishuys, he will arrange for a driver to collect your child from school at no extra cost.

*When it is exam times the drivers collected your child when he/she finishes writing exams. Your child does not have to wait.

*Please inform your children to wear the safety belts in our vehicles and to adhere to the bus rules and your children are very dear to us.

*If you refer any parent to the West Rand Shuttle a R300-thank you referral fee-will be deducted from your account. Thank you to all the parents who referred children to us.

*West Rand Study Centre has an exciting holiday program very school holiday, please have a look you will be pleasantly surprised.

*Concerns from the bus drivers

Child/ren that is writing on the seats and on the panels of the vehicle the parents will be responsible for the cleaning of the seat cover or the panels.

*Please take note: That no children will be fetched from school after 16h15. The evening Route starts at 16h30. There is no driver that’s free to take your children home.


Repairs of Vehicals

BJ86BBGP-Ford                                    -Car wash,Alighment/tyre balancing

MSP009GP-Maraton                           -Full up gearbox oil,

DM22JKGP-Quantum                          -Car wash,

FG16SZGP-Suzuki                                 -Front brake pads,

VZH268GP-Quantum                           -Replace battery,Replace ball jount/caliper kit,Replace globe

ZDR682GP-Quantum                           -Replace brake pads


Account related queries

*When paying your child’s fees, please make sure to use the correct reference number as sometimes,

although the reference might reflect on your side correct-on our side we find only a number and the it is impossible to determine for whom the payment was made for. Parents can also use the child’s name & surname as reference. All account related inquiries, please email to aybriel@vodamail.co.za Just a reminder that all accounts are sent via email and no longer print accounts anymore.

*If your contact details, address and email change, please advice so that we can correct the information on our system, please email to aybriel@vodamail.co.za


Please note

Any account related queries, send an email to aybriel@vodamail.co.za

New queries: Mr. Gerrie Germishuys 082 749 9501

Route queries: Mr. Hennie Naude 083 378 3937


Management & Drivers.

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